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Honouring of old teachers in the school

NAEYAMites wanted to honor their old teachers at the prestigious moment when the ladies wash room constructed by them was being inaugurated.  A list of 17 teachers was prepared and all these 17 teachers were met in person at their homes and invited for the function.  Since most of the teachers had retired, their details were collected from the school records.  The teachers were greatly delighted to see their old students returning their gratitude to the school with a great sense of respect and admiration.

 June 17, 2012 was a momentous day for the NAEYAMites who were present in their school together with their classmates almost after 24 years of leaving the school.  All of them present during the wee hours of a Sunday to witness a significant event in their life were excited and overwhelmed to give a red carpet welcome to the dear old teachers who had given brightness to them in the early stages of their life towards a bright career.  Though it is learnt from childhood `Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam', there are seldom opportunities in a human life to get the blessings of their teachers by honouring them.  Such a golden opportunity was gifted by the almighty to NAEYAMites and it was a delightful experience and a lifetime opportunity well utilised by the volunteers of Naeyam to felicitate their teachers.

 17 Teachers – Mr.Adalarasu, Mr.R.Balakrishnan, Mrs.Chandra Jasper, Mr.R.Chandrasekharan, Mr.Damodharan, Mr.S.Gunasekaran, Mrs.Kasiammal, Mr.R.Krupanidhi, Mr.A.Natarajan, Mr.Paramasivan, Mr.Ramkumar, Mr.Seetharaman, Mr.K.T.Sudhakar, Mrs.Thaj Nisha, Mr.G.Vaiyakkani, Mr.M.Vasudevan and Mr.N.Rajaraman were the teachers who were kind enough to accept the invitation of their old students and grace the occasion to bless their dear students.  All the teachers were very much enthused and took the pains with great pleasure to reach the venue in the early hours on a weekly holiday proactively making their own transport arrangements.  Some of them from very far off places like Guduvancheri had come with their family members and friends was really a great privilege for NAEYAM.

The teachers were honoured by a shawl and a momento (a beautifully framed silver Tanjore artwork) with two of the NAEYAMites accompanying them to the stage and taking the pleasure of honouring them.  While the teachers were invited to the stage and they walked to the stage, their photos were displayed on the projector screen and some old classic memories from their teaching career were expressed over the mike.  All the teachers, in their reply speech, greatly lauded the wonderful efforts and were very emotive while expressing their gratitude and joy to be present on such a wonderful occasion.  They congratulated NAEYAM and appreciated the sincerity and commitment of NAEYAMites.  They assured their wholehearted support to the activities of NAEYAM and blessed NAEYAM for accelerating to greater heights.   Though these teachers had been teaching around 300 or 400 students in a year totalling to more than 10,000 students in their 30 years of professional career, they remembered some of us by our names, even in their old ages. 

The Guru Vandanam ended with a beautiful slide on the projector which read as “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents. We touch your feet and thank you for what we are today.  Thank you all”.  A group photo of all the teachers present during the occasion was taken for NAEYAMites and the Teachers to rejoice the magnificent  moments of the day throughout their life