A website for school was conceptualized and a complete design to cover various aspects to represent the same was
arrived at by NAEYAM Web Committee. The school website http://www.ajsnidhi.in was launched on 17th June 2012
with independent tabs representing the following:
  • Home – Announcements and Students Corner sections are the highlights of the Home page and these two sections will be maintained by the student members of Computer Club
  • About us - A detailed overview of the school with photographs of AJS Nidhi HSS Executive Committee members.
  • Staff - List of current teachers with their qualification.
  • Awards & Accolades - Details of students who have won awards in various competitions.
  • Student Resources – Details of various extra-curricular activities conducted in the school and also provide access to external websites that gives knowledge & information for students on various topics.
  • School Facilities – Brief note on various facilities that are available in the school.
  • Contact us - Address & contact information of the school.
  • Alumni - Details about some of the old students from the school who have grown up to a bigger responsibility in their career along with link to NAEYAM website.

Visit the website of AJS Nidhi School