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Career Placement Assistance with ZOHO University

ZOHO Corporation, the makers of the online ZOHO Office Suite as well as several business applications has a unique staffing practice of hiring economically disadvantaged high school graduates and put them through two years of education with a strong focus on engineering / software. Such "ZOHO University" graduates now make up 10% of their workforce.

NAEYAM joined hands with ZOHO University (ZU) to give such a wonderful opportunity to the students of AJS Nidhi HSS. ZU Placement Coordinator, Ms.Uma Maheswari along with three ZOHO students visited Nidhi School on 12th Dec, to brief students about the ZOHO Placement Program. Ms.Uma gave an introduction about ZU, the Training Program, Selection Criteria and Career Growth at ZOHO.

The selected students after this process will be given professional training in their premises. They will also be provided with Food and Accommodation and a stipend of Rs.6,000 per month. The three ZU students detailed about their entry to ZOHO and how ZOHO has transformed their lives.

Two written tests were conducted for all the 215 students appearing for +2 Examinations in the School on 14 Dec 2012. The first test consisted of 20 Pattern Recognition questions. 39 students cleared the first test, which is nearly 20% and according to ZOHO, this is a good figure compared to other schools. The 39 students were then given the second level test, which had 10 aptitude questions. The results of this were announced a week later and 23 students have been selected for the Final Interview, which will be held in January 2013.

The response from the students to this Placement Assistance offered by us in tie-up with ZOHO was overwhelming and encouraging. We should specially thank and appreciate the efforts of our fellow NAEYAMite Mr. Ramkumar, who proactively took the initiative to successfully conduct this Placement Assistance Program in our school.