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A small aid to students of Dr.MGR School for Hearing and Speech Impaired

After reading about our eyeSmart program in Nanganallur Talk, Dr. MGR School for Hearing and Speech Impaired, Ramapuram, Chennai approached us for providing needy service to their school. It is the first time NAEYAM has been approached for service by outside people and that too for differently abled children.

After going through the various needs of the school, it was decided by NAEYAMites that providing bedsheets during winter to these children is the immediate need. Hence, 60 new bedsheets, 13 used but in good condition bedsheets, various educational aids like Black chart, Lengthy scale, 5 geometry boxes, 10 Atlas, Measuring tape, various charts of world leaders, simple books, toys of animals and other simple objects were distributed to the children of the school on 13th Dec 2012.