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NP010 – NAEYAM’s Diwali Gift to Less Fortunates

NAEYAM celebrated Deepavali’12 with the inmates of “Udavum Ullangal” Orphanage on 10th and 11th Nov 2012.

The orphanage operating from two places, one at Adambakkam and the other at Maraimalai Nagar has around 100 school children starting from the age of 5 years and around 20 elderly destitute women above 60 years. NAEYAM arranged special full day meals with sweets for all the inmates of the orphanage. NAEYAM volunteers along with their family members attended the event and celebrated a memorable Deepavali. New school bags with NAEYAM Logo were specially ordered and distributed to the school children. Other useful gifts like Toys, Books,

Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Sharpeners, Erasers, Brown Sheet Rolls, Sketch Pen Sets, Crayon Sets, Steel Scales, Pencil Pouches, fancy items like Bangles, Chains & Hair Clips for girls were also distributed. Used dress materials and bedsheets collected from the volunteers were also distributed.

The day also happened to be the 70th birthday of Mr. Chandrasekharan, who is the father of C.Selvan, the Founder Trustee of NAEYAM. On his behalf, he distributed new sarees to all the elderly women inmates and got their blessings.

The spark in the eyes of these less fortunates and their thankful smiles was heart-warming for all the NAEYAMites.