Healthy Mind and Body

An Educational Workshop for Healthy Mind and Body was started by NAEYAM in co-ordination with `Vaazhga Valamudan’ Organization immediately after the Registration of the Trust Deed in the evening of 14th of March ’12 itself. This Workshop was conducted in 10 Sessions for 9th Standard Students in which around 80 Students participated. Along with simple physical exercises, memory power improving practices and exercises for concentration of mind were also conducted in these sessions.

During the concluding session of this Workshop on March 30, 2012, some of the students demonstrated the exercises learnt during this session without any guidance. The students even took the organizers, Vaazhga Valamudam Team by surprise narrating the names and importance of each exercise. Many students were regularly practicing the exercise they learnt from this session at their homes. The great positive feedback from the students was appreciated by the NAEYAM Team & Vaazhga Valamudan Team. The students were issued an Identity Card by the `Vaazhga Valamudan’ Team using which the students could go to any of the branches of Vaazhga Valamudan and practice the exercises / meditation, free of cost.