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ID Fest 2012

NAEYAM organized the  Independence Day Festival “ID FEST 2012” on the 14th and 15th of August ’12 in the school premises to commemorate the 66th Independence Day of our country. 

Various competitions like Fancy Dress, Skit, Patriotic Songs, Exhibitions, Speech with Quiz etc. were organized on the 14th August to promote the feeling of patriotism among the students.  This paved way for developing a sense of commitment among the younger generation towards the nation and the society and also enthused them and gave inspiration to them to bring out the talents hidden in them.

Mr. P. Sanjay Gandhi, Additional Government Pleader, Chennai High Court was the Guest of Honour at the Function and distributed prizes and certificates to the prize winners in the various competitions conducted by NAEYAM. Mr. Sanjay Gandhi, who is also the President of Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Association, gave an inspirational speech with highlights from his own life that motivated him to take up charitable services to the needy.

The highlight of the program was the Exhibition organized by the students themselves.  The model of Canon Tank used during the First Revolt of 1857 exhibited by IX Standard Students collecting stuff from waste materials was greatly appreciated by everyone who visited the exhibition.  Other highlights of the exhibition were models on `Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy’, ‘Green Revolution’, ‘Salt Sathyagraha Movement’, ‘Life history of Gandhiji & Bharathiar’, etc.

The performance of the students during the Skit competition was exceptional and encouraging based on secular thoughts and unity between Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions in the country. 

During the Patriotic Song competition, one of the student composed own music for the Tamil prose meaning of the National Anthem,  which threw insight on the talents hidden in the students. Songs rendered in Hindi also received wide applause.

An innovative quiz competition was conducted to ensure participation from all the students in the school.  The orator who delivered the speech on independence struggle asked questions to the students in between and the students vibrantly fought to answer the questions by raising their hands.

All the participants received a certificate and a prize encouraging them to bring out their talents.

On the 15th of August ’12, Independence Day Function was organized by the School Management Committee in which the Flag Hoisting was done by Mrs. R. Kiran, Trustee of NAEYAM who had been inspirational in forming NAEYAM and motivational to her friends for organizing various activities under NAEYAM.  After the Flag was hoisted by Kiran in the school she studied 25 years before, an inspirational speech was delivered by her to the students which was greatly appreciated by the Management Committee, Headmaster, Teachers, Students and others in the school.