NAEYAM FOUNDATION (NF) is a Charitable trust operational since 2012 and was formally registered on 10-April-2015 by alumni of A.J.S Nidhi Higher Secondary School, Chennai.
The name NAEYAM is an Acronym of Nidhi Alumni for Education of Youth and Advancement of Mankind which depicts the primary focus area of this trust.

Currently Elected Office bearers:

Shri. B.Alaguselvan, Alumni 1981-88 batch.
Shri. V.Saravanakumar, Alumni 1981-88 batch.
Shri. K.S.Srikanth, Alumni 1981-86 batch. Smt. Rama Malarvannan, Alumni 1981-88 batch.

The Board of trustees has appointed a group of 4 additional members excluding themselves to work as executive committee to make joint decisions on behalf of the trust.

The membership for the trust is currently open for any Alumni of AJS Nidhi Higher secondary school and any of the above trustees may be reached for the same. Volunteers are always welcome to be part of this noble cause.

The Trust is also open to join hands with other NGO's who has similar focus and support for the advancement of Mankind.